The Unbroken Circle

Behind The Scenes

Video from behind the scenes


Scenes from behind the scenes

Wardrobe works hard Wheelchair rides Rehearsal
Building sets Posing with Elyess Camera op takes a nap
Late night rehearsal Shot list Camera sets up
Rehearsing in an LA garage make-up Cemetery before
Cemetery in progress Cemetery in progress 2 Cemetery complete
Getting the perfect shot Serious moment Serious moment 2
Craft services treats us well Derrick and Sam Everything's in place
Hospital before Preparing the hospital Hospital after
Goat handlers pose Goats wait for their turn Goats wait for their turn 2
The goats LOVE the set! John watches the monitor Camera mount
Mothers in make-up Make-up Make-up in full swing
Arial shot gets pic too

Audition: February 12, 2005

Director, John C. Ludwig Oren Abdulkader
Serita & Yoni Serita Hatem
Jeremy Pierre Shahar
Ofer Bassam & Ofer Natasha & Abdulkader (and friends)
Martine (Jeremy's mom) Ofer, Pierre, & Gilia Diana
Jeremy & Natasha Ofer, Hatem, Hanadi, & Julie  
Director of Photography, Tom Smith Producer, Terry Michaels  


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