The Unbroken Circle Cast
Andy Hasroun – Hasan

Born – Homs, Syria

Came to the US in late 1992

“Working on The Unbroken Circle changed the way I think about the Palestinian Israeli battle. Now I know that the word 'peace' is easier said than done.”

Gilia Chazan – Sophia

Born – Tarrytown, New York

“I care dearly about peace in the middle east and doing anything possible to achieve that goal. It felt great to work with people from Arab decent in a common goal, as though just by working together something in the world's energy is changing. It was a true privilege to work with all the actors and crew; this is a very special group of people, who truly care about making a difference.”

Hanadi Sadi - Nadia

Born – Damascus, Syria

Came to the US late 2001

“Working on this film has been a great experience for me. I'm grateful for having the chance to be on this spectacular project. I made friends with the cast and production crew. They're all fun to work with.”

Pierre Nasnas – Saide

Born – Beirut, Lebanon

Came to the US in 1975

“My Dad was born in Haifa, and my Mom was born in Jerusalem, there are sections in Haifa and the old city of Jerusalem that have our last name; Nasnas, which Dad used to talk about, but I have never been. Playing a Palestinian was kind of surreal!”

Shahar Hillel – Abram

Born – Petah Tikva, Israel

Came to the US in 1990

“The film, for me, was a work of love. I enjoyed working on the set, and believe in what this film represents. It was a great experience.”

Ben Wise – Oren

Born – Jerusalem, Israel

Came to the US in 1998

“It is often that I find myself asked to explain 'what are you guys fighting about over there?!' from people. It is always so difficult to explain a hundred years of conflict, but I think that one thing comes up over and again; the senseless violence that seems to prevail. Hopefully this film can show how human we all are.”

Flora Burke – Miriam

Born – Kansas City, Missouri

“It was a professional shoot and I appreciated that. The subject matter was dealt with in a very real manner, and all very well done.”

Jeremy Melloul – Dovie

Born – Paris, France

Came to the US in 1999

“The movie was very fun. I liked working with everyone and even though the hours were harsh, they were worth it.”

Omeed Meshkat – Ali

Born – West Hills, California

“For two countries that are fighting so much over nonsense issues, two kids can be each others best friend and religion doesn't mean anything to them. I want to tell others ‘Peace on Earth’”

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Unbroken Circle Cast